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St. James Reformed Church is located in the historical town of Mt. Pleasant, North Carolina, across the street from the restored 1859 North Carolina College for Men.


The town has a certain rural ambience, being located approximately 35 miles east of Charlotte and 60 miles south of Greensboro, surrounded by rich farmland.

In 1894, a petition was presented to the Classis of North Carolina from 'persons at Mt. Pleasant asking that a Reformed church be organized in that town.' The request was granted, and the interest was committed to the care of Dr. Paul Barringer, with instructions to 'organize a congregation at his discretion.' 


St. James congregation was organized December 3, 1894, in the home of Mrs. C.L. Foil where eight people signed the charter membership roll. Only two officers were named at first to the newly formed congregation and was given the name St. James Reformed Church.

The present sanctuary dates to 1923, is on the National List of Historical Properties.

We would love to have you visit! All are welcome! We believe the Bible is our guide for faith and practice but also acknowledge that we are all sinners that need Christ's redemption and the love and compassion of others. God created the church to be light in a dark world and because we need each other. We are to reflect that love towards one another so the world can see Jesus. As we navigate this life that is filled with joy but sometimes pain and suffering, Jesus is with us every step of the way. We are to be His hands and feet until He returns!



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